London Luggage Storage Guide

How to book left luggage in London?

Traveling is the best thing in the world! But it can quickly become a nightmare if you carry or drag luggage the entire time. London is great for shopping, museums, or just walking in one of its many city parks, but what good is it if you have no solution to put your bags down because of late check-in or early check-out? Public lockers can be an option, but they’re not always easy to find and come with many size restrictions. This is where London luggage storage comes in handy.

If you did a Google search wondering “where to drop off bags in London?” you came to the right place! No need to spend hours comparing services; we came up with your London guide to luggage storage! We compared the best luggage storage services available in London to provide you with a solution to drop off your bags.

What is the best luggage storage in London?

Our recommendation to store luggage in London is Nannybag. This collaborative luggage storage network offers +100 luggage storage options in London. Its principle is simple: working with various local businesses, including shops, hotels, and restaurants, Nannybag put their vacant spaces to the traveler’s use. Since its creation in 2017, Nannybag made client satisfaction a priority.

Any traveler who’s been in this situation knows what an absolute nightmare dragging heavy luggage around can be. :unamused: Unfortunately, this situation is quite common: whether it’s because you arrive at your destination a few hours before your hotel room is available, because your rental ends well before your train leaves, or because you have a few hours to kill between trains or planes.

London won’t look the same to you if you have to carry heavy bags around the Natural History or British Museum, let alone take a walk through Covent Garden or Piccadilly Circus. Needless to say that bulky suitcases also mean that you can forget about the London Eye

Organizing a trip to London can be overwhelming, and it’s only natural to ask yourself many questions. How can I visit London easily? Is probably one of them. The answer lies in two words: luggage storage. Whether you have used this option with automatic lockers or never had any luggage storage experience, here is everything you need to know about luggage storage to choose the best, cheapest, and most convenient alternative in London.

Did you know that London has many luggage storage options? With its many tourist attractions, London attracts millions of visitors each year. It is now easy for anyone visiting London to find cheap and safe luggage storage and skip that dreadful part of the trip where they have to drag heavy luggage around the city.

The good thing about Nannybag is their flat rate; no matter where you store luggage in London, you’ll pay £6. Plus, baggage coverage is automatically included, as opposed to other services, which add around £2 per luggage to benefit from luggage protection or reveal additional service charges at the last payment step.

To understand what to expect when storing luggage in London, take a look at the table below to compare luggage storage services available in London.

Drop off your luggage and enjoy London

Our luggage storage points welcome all sorts of luggage, from suitcases to backpacks, trolleys, and even specific equipment you had to travel with. Whether you choose to use a bag drop to store a suitcase or a sports bag, you’ll pay the same £6 flat rate, with included coverage of each luggage item for up to €1000.

Luggage storage is simple and flexible

When in London, you might need to store luggage just for a few hours between a train and a check-in or check out for instance. Many people find themselves in a pickle because they need luggage storage for longer and don’t know what to do. This shouldn’t be a source of stress for anyone! Nannybag offers luggage storage from an hour to 30 days! Whatever the luggage storage problem, Nannybag offers tailored solutions. Should you need to store a large number of suitcases and/or for a long period, Nannybag customer service is at your disposal to provide the assistance you need.

Nannybag is the best luggage storage service in London

With +100 locations available in London, Nannybag offers the best luggage storage service in the British capital. Unlike many other luggage storage solutions, the £6 daily rate is flat and 100% transparent. No fees will be added at checkout, and complete luggage coverage is included in the price to protect all your items.

This chart is frequently updated, so feel free to get back to us with any feedback on your luggage storage experience. We’ll be happy to keep helping travelers explore London as smoothly as possible!

Cheaper than luggage lockers

Luggage lockers, also called city lockers, are often at least twice as expensive on a daily basis as a collaborative luggage storage service like Nannybag. Travelers typically stow their bags in these luggage lockers because they don’t know any better. Unfortunately, these lockers typically come with high prices and limited locations. Thanks to its collaboration with many shops, hotels, and restaurants, Nannybag provides safe luggage storage locations all around London! The security aspect is the most important, but it doesn’t impact the price: Nannybag is the cheapest left luggage service in London.

Storage for suitcases, bags, and bulky luggage

To make sure that all kinds of travelers can find the storage that fits their needs, we apply strict criteria. Each luggage storage point must have a sufficient and secure space dedicated to the safety of luggage deposits. Whether you’re looking to store a backpack, a large suitcase, or specific items such as photography equipment, you’ll find a safe storage option.

Hotel luggage storage rooms

Hotel baggage storage rooms, also known as luggage storage rooms, are very convenient. When available, they offer the possibility for any hotel client to store their luggage for an extra fee. However, this solution can be difficult to access if you’re not staying at said hotel. Many hotels refuse to offer this service to travelers if they didn’t check in the hotel. This is where alternative luggage storage comes in handy! Using Nannybag luggage storage, you will find the luggage storage that you need. Regardless of where you’re staying, Airbnb, hotel, rental, or anywhere else!

Promo code for luggage storage

Enjoy 10% off luggage storage in any location in the world with discount code LONDON10! The promo code works all year long, and you can use it at all of our partners!

I didn’t book luggage storage! What should I do?

Don’t panic! Booking luggage storage is easy, and it only takes a few seconds. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t have time to anticipate storing your bags. Last-minute luggage storage is possible at any moment. You can download the best luggage storage app or book London luggage storage online at the location of your choice. Once you drop off your suitcases, you’ll be free to enjoy London to the fullest!

Luggage storage near train stations

As you’ll notice through its numerous train stations, London is easy to reach via railway. Hosting millions of visitors yearly, London train stations are ideal spots to drop off luggage and start your London adventure! While there are lockers located inside some stations, you should know that you can easily find a much cheaper locker near the station of your choice using Nannybag luggage storage.

The choice is yours: King’s Cross, Euston Station, or Saint Pancras? Where will you store luggage in London? The good thing about London’s main train stations? They have straight connection to London Heathrow or London Gatwick airports.

To help you make the best choice for luggage storage, we listed all the luggage lockers available inside and close to London train stations. Traveling has never been easier!

Luggage storage near London Airports

Quick trivia question: how many airports does London have? There are six airports in London! London City, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, London Luton, London Stansted, and London Southend, but Heathrow Airport and Gatwick Airport are the main airports. Both airports are connected to the center of London thanks to local buses, trains, and shuttle services, which is great news for anyone flying to London. Other travelers may spend time in London for a layover. We’re here to tell you that a long layover doesn’t have to be a complete waste of time! Hop on a train and drop off your luggage at the nearest location and enjoy a stress-free layover in London!

Luggage storage near museums and attractions

We cannot stress this enough: if you’re planning to visit a place with a backpack, suitcase, or any other type of luggage, check their website first, or you’ll be in for a dreadful moment. Unfortunately, in the likes of the London Eye, the majority of London’s museums and attractions have a strict no-luggage policy. Our list of Museums with close luggage storage should help you in that kind of situation.

Stay away from scams!

The best way to find safe luggage storage and avoid any scams in London is to turn to online ratings through Trustpilot reviews and social media such as Instagram to get travelers’ feedback on luggage storage services. Some misleading information can sometimes be given to you when it comes to bag storage, so the safest way to book a luggage locker is to consult online reviews first.

Luggage Storage at Paddington Station, King’s Cross lockers, and overall bag storage in London can be used to mislead tourists, so you need to use services that you know are safe in order to avoid losing belongings.

Trusted storage services

Finding the best luggage storage in London means comparing luggage storage services in London. If you missed it, look at the table comparing all available luggage storage services in London. You’ll see for yourself which of Nannybag, Luggage Hero, Bounce, Radical Storage, or Stasher you should pick.

If you need more info to make your decision, take a look at luggage storage reviews for each company:

Nannybag Trustpilot reviews

LuggageHero Trustpilot reviews

Radical Storage Trustpilot reviews

Bounce Trustpilot reviews

Stasher Trustpilot reviews

We tested every luggage storage service available in London

For the purpose of this guide, all London luggage storage companies were tested and researched. Our analysis is based on the following criteria:

  • Price per day
  • Policy on cancellation and additional fees
  • Online reviews
  • Luggage protection or not?

Whether you need left luggage at King’s Cross, left luggage at Paddington, left luggage at Victoria station, or any part of London, we hope this guide helps book the best luggage storage in London. Once you have, you’ll quickly realize that luggage storage can also easily be found in many places worldwide!

Need more info?

Finding the perfect luggage storage in London requires a bit of research, especially if you’ve never used left luggage before. Lucky for you, there is plenty of information online to help you choose. If you need luggage locker info or about visiting London, head to the following website:


Download the best travel app

A great way to always find cheap and quick luggage storage is to download the luggage storage app created by Nannybag. This app is the best luggage storage app for London and will conveniently present you with all the storage options available in London.

Available on App Store and Google Play Nannybag app is a super convenient way to book luggage storage within seconds!

Download the Nannybag app on App Store or Google Play and store your bags anywhere around the city!


  • What is luggage storage?

Luggage storage consists of storing luggage from a few hours to a few days in a dedicated locker or room to enjoy any activity you planned hands-free. Hotels sometimes offer this option to their guests for an extra fee. Unfortunately, one must stay in the said hotel to enjoy this service. Luggage lockers are also an option. However, they are quite costly and size restrictive. For all these reasons and more, the cheapest and most flexible luggage storage alternative in London remains Nannybag luggage storage.

  • How much does luggage storage cost?

Luggage storage will only cost you £6 per day, no matter what size your luggage is. Luggage protection is automatically included in this flat rate, with zero added fees at check out.

  • How to find luggage storage in London?

You have two options: find it through the best luggage storage app (also available on Google Play) or look for the location of your choice online.

  • Where can I drop off my luggage in London?

You can store luggage at +100 locations in London. Depending on your plans, you’ll easily find a spot that suits your needs, as Nannybag’s network is conveniently close to London’s main attractions, such as the Science Museum, the London Eye, the London Bridge or the Tower of London and train stations as London Paddington, London Euston Station, or London Saint Pancras.

  • Is luggage storage safe?

Luggage storage is completely safe with Nannybag: the traveler’s identity is checked upon arrival and departure, and each item stored is closed with a unique numbered seal. As opposed to other services, which make luggage insurance an extra option that the customer must pay for on top of the luggage storage fee, Nannybag’s flat rate price includes the coverage of your luggage in case of damage to the luggage and its contents for up to £1000 per luggage.

  • How can I find luggage storage close to me?

You can easily find London luggage storage by searching the luggage storage app available on App store or Google Play or using the luggage storage search engine. With all the available luggage storage locations in London, you’ll surely find the ideal storage!

  • Are all luggage storage services the same?

Not at all, as you’ll see for yourself with a simple Google search: there are various luggage storage alternatives, and they don’t all offer the same service or the same fees. Although several London train stations are equipped with luggage lockers, keep in mind that their storage is tight, their opening hours are not always convenient, and their prices are steep. Picture this: storing luggage will cost you £15 pounds with this service, while you could pay £6 to store luggage near Victoria Station with Nannybag.

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